We are a ‘Building Team’ as part of that team, we ‘Manage’: We manage your dreams, your time frame, your home, your expectations and of course your Budget! 

We get the experts in. No one can be great at everything and we don’t try to be. What we do is… the ‘project management’ which is all about timescales, budgets, pricing, dates, sourcing, deliveries, regulations, inspections, paperwork and the list goes on and on.

We run the business from home, Jack (who is the plumber on site) has a keen eye for detail. We make a fantastic team, I use my head and he uses his hands!

We are only as good as our last project and we never get complacent. We make sure the project is completed to a standard that I would have in my own home and I’m fussy.

Conservatory Build

We are not expensive because we will always stay small, using only small contractors who are good at their trade. We don’t hold huge accounts; in fact all our accounts are cash accounts so we get the best discounts available, which in the long run saves you money.