We ask you to retain a small amount of funds until the project is complete and you are very happy. 

We ensure you have all your regulation certificates after the build and diarise them when they are due to ensure you have them for when you need them, such as when you sell your home or when you rent it out. These certificates can take around 4 months to complete from local Planning offices, so we take copies and file them for you too.

Cosmetics items, such as painting and decorating are sometime included in our quotations, but some customers prefer to live with their new space for a while before deciding on a colour scheme, we understand some projects get a bit bigger once we have started and therefore we pride ourselves on our flexibility and productivity within our team of professionals. It is always nicer to be helpful and happy while we do so.

Project Complete

At the beginning and right through to the end of your project we try very hard to make sure we ‘talk’ discuss and make sure and above all ‘confirm’ details are correct and still the same as they were! Customers are always entitled to change their mind, the earlier the better we find!