This is the first stage. Once you have decided that you want to make home improvements, you might         consider an extension, conservatory or a conversion. 

We understand it’s difficult to know when to contact us. 

Do you ring us when you have your funds in place? Or do you call us to find out how much you will need? How long does it all take? Well, this is why you ring us at the beginning.

We help you to understand each stage of the progress, including which stage you are ready for and which stage you are already at!

We are usually booking 12 months ahead, so we could never rush your project or push you into making decisions you are not ready to make.

Project Planning

Most projects cost more than the average annual wage. We accept and understand that you need to feel comfortable with the company that is working for you. Our customer’s have been in the same position and are happy to show you projects we have completed for them and answer any questions you may have about our service.

PMA’s policy is to help you in your decision making process, not make your decisions for you and as there are many decisions to make, it is nice to enjoy the process too.

Dealing with PMA will not be the usual builder experience; we know what is needed to ensure a happy customer and a fantastic project.